Our first challenge is to garner interest from the community.  Initially, Life House Atlanta will be under the direction of an Advisory Board. Currently this board consists of the 3 co-founders, an executive assistant, social media director, neonatologist, attorney, parent of a medically fragile child, webmaster, financial advisor and nonprofit manager.  A Board of Directors will be formed that will have specific tasks to lead and sustain our mission.  At a minimum, that Board of Directors (BOD) will consist of representatives from law, medicine, finance, technology, accounting, marketing and PR. Maintaining necessary licenses and the necessity for a Certificate of Need will also be the responsibility of the board.  


The BOD will also investigate the strategies used by established homes, thus avoiding “reinventing the wheel” and allowing us to learn from successful programs already in place.  


The members of the board will be instrumental in establishing a capital campaign to raise funds for:


      purchase of land only or purchase of land with an existing structure,


      building a home or remodeling an existing structure,


      furnishing a home with specially adapted rooms for kid-friendly activities, and


      support for medical and administrative staff and home maintenance.


We anticipate opening our doors in 3-5 years.

Respite and palliative care

for children with life-limiting illness