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As a 501c3 private nonprofit organization, Life House Atlanta relies on donations from individuals, corporations, foundations and civic groups.  As allowed by law, all contributions are tax deductible.


Life House Atlanta will aim to reach those families with medically fragile children who can most benefit from respite and palliative care.  Families are often torn apart as they struggle with the emotional roller coaster ride of caring for their medically fragile children. Parents and primary caregivers deserve a much-needed break from the 24/7 stress of caring for a fragile loved one.  Respite gives them the opportunity to spend time in self-renewing activities with their other children. Time spent away from their families also gives children with medical needs an opportunity to interact with other children who may share similar challenges. With the aid of trained volunteers, they can get a fresh perspective on who they are and what they can achieve without always relying on their parents and sibs. 


It is through your generous support that we can provide this loving and caring environment. As a nonprofit, we rely solely on contributions to fulfill our dream of no charge to the families. We ask you to partner with us by donating financially, volunteering your services or spreading the word.  We are earnestly seeking your support to help these families as they face the challenges of caring for their fragile little ones.  You can make a difference in their lives and bring them a chance to “live every day – cherish every moment.” 


Respite and palliative care

for children with life-limiting illness

Life House Atlanta