Life House Atlanta will be a pediatric respite and palliative care home for medically fragile children with complex medical conditions and a shortened life expectancy. Life House Atlanta will provide respite for these children and their families, giving them the opportunity to spend time away from their home in a vacation style get-away. The loving and supportive environment will include physical, mental, spiritual and emotional support throughout the life of their child and end-of-life care, should the family desire. Families and their children will be guests without charge for temporary stays of up to 30 days per year where skilled medical professionals will care for them. Trained volunteers will engage the children in recreational activities including music, art, hydrotherapy and audiovisual memory making, among others. Children will have their own private rooms while the parents and sibs have the option to stay and enjoy private family suites where they can spend quiet time away from the demands of specialized 24/7 care.  Families will also have the opportunity to embark on family vacations to spend time with their other children and return refreshed and ready to face whatever lies ahead.

Respite and palliative care

for children with life-limiting illness